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Congratulations to Jeff Hyman, Our December Ratoon Winner

14 Feb 2018

Posted by John D. Stellberger

EMD Serono’s senior manager, Jeff Hyman is very serious about environmental health and safety. Jeff is also a seriously funny human being!

He is our December “Ratoon” winner with his masterpiece of humor and New School Pest Management. We will proudly display this rembrandt in our headquarters and it will appear in our EHS coloring book!

EHS will donate his $100 prize to The Ruby Fund care of The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine / Tufts University in North Grafton, Massachusetts to support research for secondary poisoning from rodenticides.

Thank you for your commitment to animal and public health and the use of pelletized dry ice to end secondary poisoning of raptors and animals forever!

EHS Pest, MA, RI - Jeff Hyman, Our December Ratoon Winner


This Container of Rats will Make Your Skin Crawl

29 Jan 2018

Posted by John D. Stellberger

PARIS — Rats are increasingly scrambling from Paris sewers to the surface — and city officials and rat-catchers are scrambling for ways to get rid of them.

A creepy video of hundreds of rats wriggling in dumpsters published by Le Parisien newspaper put new pressure on authorities to act.

City hall says it has taken increasing measures against rats as their surface population has exploded in the past two years.

But Stephane Bras, spokesman for a group of extermination companies, said Monday the city’s efforts won’t work without national legislation requiring regular rodent inspection of all buildings and punishing picnickers who litter.

He said heavy rains in recent days, combined with a mild winter and an unusually large number of Paris construction sites, have driven more and more rats above ground.

For more information about how to control rats, contact EHS Pest.

Source: nypost.com

To Control Rat Populations, Birth Control may be More Effective than Poison

25 Jan 2018

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Every trip Erma Jones makes to her garbage can, she’s greeted by a few unexpected, and unappreciated, guests.

“Oh yeah, they get into the house,” says Jones, who lives on Chicago’s South Side. “I got rat poison in different corners of the house. It works, but the idea of them coming in the house and dying in the house ... then you gotta search for them.”

Jones laughs it off but is quick to point out she never had this kind of rat problem when she lived in Mississippi.

And her observations are backed up by an annual list put out by the pest-control company Orkin, which often names Chicago America's rattiest city.

Chicago, like many cities, has struggled to find an effective way to control its rats. Right now, Chicago’s rodent control program relies heavily on poison, a tactic that rat expert Bobby Corrigan likens to putting a Band-Aid on a wound that needs surgery.

“You know, for probably 250 years, everyone thought the answer to getting rid of rats was simply put out a lot of bait, put out a lot of poison and kill as many as you can on regular basis,” Corrigan says. “We now know it’s much more complex than that."

It’s more complex because we’ve learned that rats are building up immunities to some poisons and a couple of rats, and their following generations, can produce up to 15,000 descendants a year. Plus, many rat experts, including Corrigan, are concerned global warming might be giving rats more opportunities to reproduce during the winters when they usually relax.

Now, new research suggests it might be better if — in some situations — we didn’t kill rats at all.

A research organization called the Vancouver Rat Project set up shop in one of the city’s rat havens in order to study how disease among rats spreads. After tagging rodents and tracking them over the course of a few months, the Vancouver Rat Project discovered that disruptions, like poison, might cause rats to desert their territory. In many cases, the poison forces the surviving rats in a colony to look for safer areas and potentially bring disease to new populations of healthy rats.

“Carriage of disease and pathogens by rats is intimately linked to their ecology,” says Kaylee Byers, a researcher for the project.

The seriousness of disease spread by rats is nothing to scoff at. The bubonic plague killed millions of Europeans during the “Black Death” of the 14th century. Fleas carried the disease, but historians blame the rapid spread of the plague on rats, which carried the fleas.

While Vancouver isn’t seeing anything as extreme as the "Black Death,” it is seeing rats with Leptospira, which, if spread to humans, could cause liver or kidney failure.

A new solution

One option that cities are considering is rat birth control (yes, you read that correctly). Cities put out birth control the same way they put out poison. Males that ingest it become infertile and females who take it reach menopause quicker. This causes rats to die of natural causes without giving birth to thousands of offspring.

New York City tried a pilot program where they set out the birth control in subway stations and saw enough positive results to launch another program last year. Chicago tried its own pilot program where the birth control is set near transfer stations.

Many in the rodent control research community — including Byers and Corrigan — believe this is a great way to reduce rodents over time. But Byers wonders how well cities and pest control services can convince residents to buy into this emerging strategy.

“If you’re a pest control professional and you indicate to a client that they have two options for pest control: The first is a rodenticide which will kill the rat instantly and the second is a birth control that will decrease the rat population over, say, four or five generations, that could be a really hard sell.”

There is no one tool that can fix rat issues. Poison, birth control, and techniques that limit rats’ access to food (like pet waste and garbage) need to be put into effect if we want to see a dramatic change in city rat populations. And some of these solutions require an eye toward the future, rather than a focus on instant gratification.

Source: pri.org

How Rats Take Advantage of Human Failure

17 Jan 2018

Posted by John D. Stellberger

EHS Pest in MA, RI - Rodentologist Bobby Corrigan

Street rats are one of the most universally despised creatures on the planet. Thinking about them makes many people’s skin crawl, and subway riders scream just being in their presence.

Those feelings aren’t totally unreasonable, though — rats are a really big problem. It’s estimated that they cause $19 billion of damage in the US every year, and they can carry some dangerous diseases. But what if our rat problems aren’t really their fault?

I walked around New York City’s Chinatown with rodentologist Bobby Corrigan, who showed me how human behavior enables rats to succeed.

Bobby says rats couldn’t proliferate if it weren’t for our bad behavior. Improper trash disposal, not maintaining our infrastructure, and not taking preventive measures are just a few ways that we allow these rodents to overrun our cities.

There are lots of things we can do to prevent the spread of rats, and New York City recently allocated $32 million to the fight. But Bobby says there is one thing that all humans can do to pitch in: “Be a smart mammal. Whatever you do with your trash, ask yourself: Can the rats get to it?”

To learn more on how to prevent the spread of rats, contact EHS Pest.

Source: vox.com

Happy New Year from EHS Pest Services

25 Dec 2017

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Happy New Year from EHS Pest Services

Happy New Year from EHS Pest Services. We would like to thank our customers, friends, family, and community for allowing our business to be part of your lives in 2017. We wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous 2018!

If we have had the pleasure of being your choice in providers, we hope that we provided the highest level of customer service and met all of your needs. In the coming months if you find yourself in need of the services we offer, we hope you choose us again in 2018.

It is our sincere wish that in the New Year you are surrounded by warmth, family, and friendship and that 2018 brings you good health and prosperity. From all of us here at EHS Pest Services we hope you have a safe and exciting New Year.

“We all come home, or ought to come home, for a short holiday – the longer, the better…” ~ Charles Dickens

White House Maintenance Orders Reveal Cockroaches, Ants and Mice Infestations

04 Dec 2017

Posted by John D. Stellberger

EHS Pest Rodent Expert

White House maintenance work orders reveal that the historic building's grounds are plagued with mice, cockroaches and ants.

NBC 4 Washington, which obtained the hundreds of work orders, reports that there have been a number of requests to deal with vermin in the White House, including mice in the situation room and the White House Navy mess food service area.

Other requests reported cockroach infestations in at least four parts of the White House, and a colony of ants living in chief of staff John Kelly's office.

The number of requests for building maintenance and redecorating was similar to past administrations, NBC reports.

Some of the requests were more mundane in nature, including a redecoration of national security adviser H.R. McMaster's office and a new toilet seat for the Oval Office bathroom. That last request was directed to be completed "after hours please."

Former General Services Administration (GSA) Inspector General Brian Miller said that maintaining the aging presidential residence is a massive undertaking.

“It’s an enormous job. GSA is assigned to manage that job,” Miller told NBC. “GSA hires contractors and subcontractors for the [maintenance] work. Then the agency must watch over the contractors."

“They are old buildings,” he added. “Any of us who have old houses know old houses need a lot of work.”

For best pest control services, contact EHS Pest.

Source: The Hill

Mice and Garage Doors

01 Dec 2017

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Our native Mice (peromyscus) love seeds.

An unsecured bucket of Sunflower Chips is what every Deer Mouse dreams of.

EHS Pest Solution MA, RI

She might have been able to jump out, but the loose seeds prevented her from gaining traction for a freedom vault.

We protected this garage and it’s loose fitting door with an Xcluder brand rodent-proof overhead door sweep. It’s proper rodent defense. Now if the homeowner forgets to seal the bird seed bucket the buffet will remain for the much loved Northern Cardinals and not pesky mice!

For more information about rat-proofing, contact EHS Pest.

Squirrels, Rats, Mice in Cambridge, MA

29 Nov 2017

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Norway Rats, Eastern Gray Squirrels and House Mice are cousins. They are all intelligent animals.

Poison filled boxes placed next to an accessible food source isn’t a good strategy for rodent solutions.

Removing the food source and shelter is where we will focus to make our client happy. For safe rodent solution, call EHS Pest.

EHS Pest - Safe Rodent Solution

Rats in a Courtyard!

28 Nov 2017

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Rats in a courtyard! Yikes!

Months of looking and no one can figure out how they are entering. Always include the sanitary lines in your rodent investigation.

We installed a grate over the drain and the influx stopped.

EHS Pest - Grate Installation

For a simple, chemical-free and cost-effective rat solution, call EHS Pest.

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