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Why EHS?

EHS was founded 30 years ago on the same premise that we operate on now: A commitment to not only provide effective and state-of-the-art pest management solutions for customers but to also be stewards of the environment. Those principles were way ahead of their time, but now they are coming of age. As people think more and more about the effect they have on their environment and especially themselves, it is clear that pest control is a real good place to start.

No other industry protects more aspects of our lives than pest control. Health, structural, environmental... when you really think about it, pest control is one of the least considered yet all-important considerations. EHS provides solutions that minimize those risks and make you less dependent on us, reducing your overall long-term costs. There are real and serious threats from pests. At EHS, our goal is to protect you and the environment with solutions that don't create additional threats. Safe, Real Solutions.



Real Solutions

Pests all want three things; food, water, shelter. When we provide them all of these, we have invited them in and made them comfortable. At EHS, we work with our clients towards and an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution. Sanitation is usually first on the list, and part of our initial inspection. Next is access, and we will go over your property with a fine-toothed comb to locate any source of entry for pests.

When you eliminate the pests’ accommodations and deny them entry, you also virtually eliminate the need for insecticides (chemicals). That’s a real solution... A permanent solution. EHS is always working to stay well ahead of the curve on newer and better techniques for safe, effective pest control. We’re even developing some of them. Along with more traditional chemical-free approaches like exclusion, HEPA vac removal and thermal remediation, we are constantly testing new techniques and products.

Our organic treatments have proved so promising that we have pioneered new applications for them. In one instance, we were able to completely suppress a serious bedbug problem in a homeless shelter with nothing more than K9 inspections and essential botanical oils.

At EHS, we believe that the safest, most effective chemical-free approaches are the Real Solutions.



The Pest Detectives

Getting to the root cause of a pest problem requires a Pest Detective. And that's what we are at EHS. We like to say "SOS"... Seek Out the Source. As the world-renowned pest control guru Bobby Corrigan said, "The future great Pest Management Professionals will not be those who are best at using traps, baits or sprays, but rather those who are best at keen observation, source finding, analyzing each unique pest situation, and keeping cutting-edge current."

Just take a look at one of our fuel-efficient, completely chemical-free EcoHealth Mobile Exclusion Labs.

At EHS, we are looking for common sense, permanent solutions to pest problems. We really want to change our industry too and get it away from the exterminators and trap changers of the past. When you're willing to get on your hands and knees and also look above your head for the source of a problem, you can understand where the problem starts and properly address it.

That’s how a Pest Detective does it.


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No other industry protects more aspects of our lives than pest control. Health, structural, environmental...

Modern Pest Control

Pests all want three things; food, water, shelter. When we provide them all of these, we have invited them in and made them comfortable.


We are always looking for team players who genuinely care about the earth and wildlife...

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Mice and Ants Problem

“We have had nothing but great luck with EHS. For both mice and ants, as soon as EHS has treated our home, all of the pests have been eliminated completely. We highly recommend them to anyone!”


“Just a quick note of thanks to Scott Murphy, who was here earlier today. Couldn't have asked for a more professional, thorough assessment than the one he provided. It was a pleasure to work with him. I'll be sure to recommend EHS (and Scott) to neighbors and colleagues.”

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