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There are approximately 100 species of ants that are found in New England however only 10 or so are actually considered pests in our homes and businesses. One thing that has occurred quite frequently over the last several years is the introduction on invasive ant species to our region. This should come as no surprise to anyone with increased tourism and global commerce. Make no mistake ants can be a simple nuisance, cause structural damage, transmit disease, and possibly cause death from stings (anaphylactic shock).

No to InsecticideTypically the 1st thing a consumer does is run to the store and buy some over the counter insecticide to perform a “do it yourself” treatment. The initial reaction is “I solved it!” only to find ants back just days later and often muchworse and more widespread than before. WHY? The worse thing you can do for ants is to spray a repellent insecticide. Ants are social insects and they are highly organized and communicate with each other by using pheromones. When a repellent insecticide hits the ants it kills the workers or “scout” ants only and the queen will continue to produce more ants to replace the lost workers. The repellent also destroys their pheromone trails and repels them from the original area so they reestablish trails in other areas. Many ant species also “bud” or “fractionate” from the repellent insecticide and what this means is that the colony divides itself up and spreads out to other areas causing the problem to get worse. At this point you now realize that what you did was not working and made things worse so you call EHS for a solution.

Termidor Ant Brochure.. download hereFor over 25 years EHS has been solving even the most difficult ant infestations. You can feel confident that our highly trained and experienced service specialists will rid your home or business of any ant species you may encounter. Once EHS positively identifies the ant species we will coordinate a Eco-Sensitive pest solution that eliminates the ants while leaving no footprint on the environment.

EHS Client Katharine - Westwood, MA


Carpenter Ants      
▪ Acrobat Ants
▪ Pavement Ants     
▪ Argentine Ants
▪ Pharaoh Ants      
▪ Allegheny Mound Ants
▪ Thief Ants     
▪ Odorous House Ants
▪ Little Black Ants  
▪ False Honey Ants
▪ Crazy Ants      
▪ Large Yellow (Citronella) Ants
▪ Field Ants        
▪ European Fire Ant

“They were fabulous. I had a raging ant problem. Suddenly, I had hundreds of them in my house. I have 3 small children. It was awful. They came out right away and the ants were gone within 12 hours. It was like a miracle. They were very professional, kind and really attentive. They were awesome.”

Katharine – Westwood, MA

Super Service Award 2017