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Ladybird Beetles

Ladybird Beetles or Lady Beetles (Coccinellidae)

Photo: "Ladybird coccinella septempunctata" by Charlesjsharp - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Ladybird Beetles or Lady Beetles (Coccinellidae) are a family of insects often with yellow, orange, or scarlet with small black spots on their wing covers, with black legs, heads and antennae. They are beneficial insects that can become an over-wintering nuisance in homes. In the fall large numbers of these insects will invade structures with particular emphasis on the sunny side and look to over-winter. They will enter structures through any void available from the roof to ground level.

At EHS we specialize in exclusion services that identify entry points and seal pests out. We can also utilize organic applications as well as HEPA vac removal of these insects, and tailor a custom approach to each individual client and issue.

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