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Canadian Geese (Branta canadensis)

They are HUGE birds that are already a major nuisance in every town in America. Due to the population explosion these birds have infiltrated sports fields, businesses, parks, play grounds, schools-universities, golf courses, and even private residences. They are federally protected birds which means you can not kill, harass, or threaten them and this obviously plays a huge role in the population growth. They are also not migratory birds, but resident geese and can fly 100 –200 miles to find food, water, and safety then return. Bottom line, they are here to stay in your city or town.

Their life expectancy about 20 years, they weigh 20-25 pounds, and have 4-6ft wingspan. Their mating season is February-March and have baby’s (goslings) from March-May. They will mate for life and will stay together during all seasons and find a new mate if mate dies or is killed. Geese return to the general area of their birth each year to mate and nest, often the exact site, sometimes a nearby pond or other body of water. Their instinct to return to their general area or birth is very strong. They are very protective of their young and will attack if you approach a nest or goslings.

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Away with Geese Info Sheet
  • One goose can consume up to 4LBS of grass per day.
  • One goose will produce about 3LBS of fecal matter per day.
  • Goose feces contain 76% carbon, 4.4% nitrogen, and 1.3% phosphorus.
  • Causes damage to lawns & sports fields.
  • Causes harmful algal blooms in lakes, ponds, & rivers.
  • A protozoan linked to the feces of animals has caused over 400,000 sicknesses and a recorded six deaths (Worsnop, 1994).

Many people have tried rotating coyotes, decoys, sound deterrents, etc. with zero long-term success. The problem is that the geese become accustomed to the object. EHS has several proven humane deterrent options available that rely onto solve even the most established goose populations. Call 888.PEST.MGMT or email so EHS can tailor a humane program to fit your needs.

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