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Chimney covers protect against rain, wind, and animals

Chimney covers protect against rain, wind, and animals

Each spring, we receive calls from frantic homeowners and business people regarding animals in their fireplaces or chimney stacks.  Female Raccoons will exploit open chimneys and give birth to their litters directly above her fireplaces.  The purring sound of nursing cubs may be what alerts the resident.  Gray squirrels are also notorious for nesting in open chimney flues.  These animals have no problem climbing up and down the rough interior of a chimney stack.  Cavity nesting birds such as European Starlings often jump in and are not able to escape by flying directly vertically. They become trapped in the cavity and usually perish unless removal is done promptly.  EHS has also removed Wood Ducks and an Eastern Screech alive and was able to release them unharmed.

Chimney caps with spark arrestors also keep the elements out of your home!  EHS uses T-304 stainless steel caps with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.  They are available in black or stainless and have many different styles.  Copper is also available.  Caps can be configured to fit any application.

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