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Forward Thinking Pest Control

Call Us At 877.507.0698
Forward Thinking Pest Control

EHS Pest Control

Commercial  - Organic Pest Control Solutions

EHS is well known for providing top notch Eco-Sensitive Commercial Pest Solutions.  Our well trained Commercial Service Specialists can do it all.

  • In house Training and Power Point presentations for staff and residents
  • Complete Exclusion Services from the sub-basement to the roof
  • Door sweeps, Foundation repair, Air Curtains, Chimney Caps and other permanent corrective and preventive measures
  • Bio remediation and drain care for small fly problems
  • Drain scoping services to isolate subsurface and hidden leaks
  • Non-chemical pest removal and trapping
  • Eco-sensitive insect elimination
  • IPM and HAACP reporting for regulatory agencies

Trust EHS to be your Commercial Solutions Partner for MA and RI

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