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Pest Education - EHS Pest Control Solutions, RI, MA


Training & educational offerings are coordinated by our in-house certified staff entomologist. Most of the training programs are conducted in our training facility & laboratory located within our corporate office. Our specialists also attend training from various other sources outside our company. Training topics cover various pest management topics such as; entomology, biology, toxicology, insect identification, application techniques, safety, IPM & non-chemical control measures, etc.

All newly hired service specialists must undergo two weeks of field training and pass a quality control review by their supervisor prior to being able to service clients on their own.

Training includes but is not limited to: EHS Training

  • Industry training seminars 
  • Technical conferences / trade shows
  • Master Technician™ web based training tutorial lessons with exams
  • Technical product, safety, pest management DVD’s
  • Field demonstration & research
  • University correspondence course (Purdue University Dept. of Entomology)
  • CD + DVD training
  • Bi-monthly Techletter ® technical service newsletters
  • Quarterly Exams

NOTE: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources, pesticide bureau, requires that all licensed applicators undergo 12hrs of training in a three year period to maintain their license. That equates to 4hrs per year.

EHS service specialists undergo 15-20hrs of training per year! That’s 375% to 500% more than the required amount mandated by the Commonwealth!

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