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EHS Pleasant Street Wildflower Project

This is our wildflower garden in a much-needed drenching rain. It's pretty amazing that there's still so much life in our garden. There are so many bumblebees it's incredible, and these photos are all different ones. The massive queen in the first image was particularly impressive and a photo doesn't do her size justice.

View the entire history of The Wildflower Project on it's blog at: EHS Pleasant Street Wildflower Project

Pollinator Factoid:

Many crops that would benefit in quality and quantity from more thorough pollination are not sufficiently pollinated because of heavy pesticide applications (Ingram et al., 1996). Income from harvests could increase by an estimated $400 million per year if pollinators were available in sufficient numbers (Pimentel et al., 1992 In Ingram et al., 1996a).

Pollinators support biodiversity: There is a correlation between plant diversity and pollinator diversity (Heithaus, 1974 In Tepedino, 1979; Moldenke, 1975 In Tepedino, 1979; del Moral and Standley, 1979In Tepedino, 1979).

Declines in pollinators may make plants more vulnerable to extinction (Committee on the Status of Pollinators in North America, 2007).

These are just a few of the important facts regarding pollinators and pesticides, and more will follow. Remember, YOU really do make a difference out there, and your work at EHS genuinely is important to the planet.

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