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EHS Pleasant Street Wildflower Project

Hello Everyone,

The garden continues to grow bigger and is now very visible from the road. People have begun pulling over and sometimes slowing down and even stopping on Pleasant Street to have a look.

The Big Picture

A panorama shot of the wildflowers gives a good appreciation of just how big and full the planting is getting.

New Visitors

Goldfinches are all over the wildflowers eating their seeds, although they won't stay still for a good shot. The one above is off the internet. But the dragonfly on the right was hanging out in the rhododendrons out front, and we got a great one of him. This one appears to be an Eastern Pondhawk, which is known as a ruthless predator of other insects.

New Blooms

Every week we're getting new types of blooms in the garden, and the biggest ones are yet to come. Stay tuned...




Pollinator Factoid: Migrating pollinators follow nectar corridors during their travel. Keep those flyways full of blooming flowers!


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