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EHS Pleasant Street Wildflower Project

Hello Everyone,

Pollinators are hard at work today in our wildflower planting. The honeybees have discovered what is evidently a valuable resource for them, judging from their numbers and all the pollen accumulated on their back legs. The pollen basket or corbicula is part of the tibia on the hind legs of certain species of bees. They use the structure in harvesting pollen and returning it to the nest or hive.

Honeybees doing what they do. It seems our wildflower planting is a big hit with them. If they could stay still long enough to focus we'd have a few more good pics, but far be it from us to stand in the way of their progress.

It's also important to acknowledge all the other pollinators, as well as the big picture of our parking lot turned garden.

More expected rain tomorrow should really help fill in our wildflowers. There also should be more types of blooms coming soon, which you'll of course see in upcoming email newsletters.

This is NOT a mosquito... It's a Midge. And it's also a pollinator. One of the most important pieces of information in the history of mankind is contained in this week's Pollinator Factoid.





Pollinator Factoid: All the world’s chocolate depends on midges, tiny two-winged flies, that pollinate the cacao flowers. If you love chocolate, thank a fly!


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