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Southern Flying Squirrel - Glaucomys volans

Flying SquirrelThe flying squirrel has been kept as a human pet for hundreds of years both because of their docile nature and how incredibly adorable they are. These “Fliers” have spread northward over the past century and recently become a pest in people’s homes in New England, sometimes forming fairly large colonies.

Southern flying squirrels are nocturnal, grayish brown with a white belly, and have a black ring around their large eyes. They are 9-10 inches long (including tail) and weigh 4-5 ounces. Using the fold of skin that stretches from the wrist to the ankle, they glide from tree to tree (or tree to house). They feed on nuts (acorn, hickory, black walnut), seeds, berries, bird eggs and nestlings, insects, bird seed and suet.

Evicting flying squirrels can be accomplished using a variety of non-lethal and occasionally, lethal techniques. EHS Pest typically uses one way devices, traps, and and careful/thorough exclusion measures. The roofline will be inspected and all holes and gaps will be sealed with copper mesh, expandable foam, and/or galvanized steel hardware cloth. EHS warranties all squirrel removal for 12 months.

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