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German Cockroaches Integrated Pest Management

EHS Matt Smith investigating German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most common roaches found in homes and restaurants, hitchhiking in via groceries, beer, appliances and other deliveries. The German cockroach is 1/2-5/8 inches in length with a flattened oval body and long antennae and can be instantly recognized by the dark longitudinal stripes on the shield over the head.

Unlike most species the German cockroach female carries her egg capsule (ootheca) protruding from her abdomen until the young are ready to hatch.  The case is then dropped in a secluded location with the young (nymphs) emerging shortly thereafter. A female will produce 4-8 egg capsules in her lifetime each containing 30-40 eggs making the reproductive potential enormous.

The key factor in a successful management program is sanitation. Clean all spills and crumbs, store products in airtight containers and do not leave dirty dishes out overnight. EHS will recommend general cleaning practices to reduce food sources for the insects in conjunction with crack and crevice applications using gel baits and boric acid based products. 

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