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House Centipede (Scutigera coleoptrata)

Because of its size (1 to 2 inches), speed, and myriad of long slender legs, the House Centipede is one of the more frightening of insects in New England. House centipedes are aptly named because they can actually spend their entire lives inside of a home! In the woods, they prefer damp areas which will provide amply hunting but ample moisture. In the home, the same rules apply. House centipedes can be found on any floor, but they are mostly seen prowling about a damp basement or skulking around the bathroom tub or shower enclosure. Although house centipedes help to control insect populations, their presence in the home is usually not tolerated by customers.

Procedure - If numerous centipedes are seen inside it is an indication that an area of your home is a suitable environment for them to thrive in. A first step is usually remediating any water issues (puddles/dampness/humidity) in the basement. A simpler deterrent could even be to limit the amount of mulch laid around the exterior and make sure shrubs and bushes are not growing too close to the house. If some or all of these steps are taken, house centipede populations will decline because necessary elements to their survival (harborage/food/water) have been removed/limited. EHS can offer numerous other natural tips, and create a program where low impact products are applied around the foundation to ensure the problem is controlled and stays controlled. 

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