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K-9 Bed Bug Detection Dogs - Pest Control, MA, RI

K9 Bedbug Man's Best Friend


K9 Bedbug Detection Dogs are by far the most useful tool in bedbug management that the pro- fessional industry has seen since bedbugs have made this epic resurgence in society. They are able to do things significantly better than humans on an inspection and they have proven time and time again that they effectively help eliminate bedbug infestations.

K9 Bedbug Detection DogsK9 Bedbug Detection Dogs:

  • Get to exactly where bedbug activity is located and can positively determine if there is activity present, whether it is evident or not!
  • Will find bedbugs in areas that humans can not inspect, inside furniture, walls and objects.
  • Can perform an inspection 80% faster than a human, representing significant cost savings.
  • Are 98.9% effective at finding all stages of bedbugs including eggs.
  • Reduce the number of units needing treatment by pin-pointing locations, significantly reducing treatment expense.
  • Have been proven to eliminate re-treatments or end long-standing infestations by positively locating active bedbugs. A major cost savings and reduction in legal exposure.

We will tailor a successful bedbug treatment program for your property.

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