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Needless to say, people find pests disgusting, however many kids may beg to differ! There is certainly something amazing & cool about insects & pests. It is after all science so lets have some fun with pests!

Your Science Fair Project - How Scientists Think

How Scientists Think ChartLooking for a project to do for your science fair? Try these downloadable science fair kits.

They provide everything you need to get started thinking like a scientist, from forming a question to communicating results of your experiment.

Remember, science is about asking questions and that there can often be many answers to a single question. To figure out which answer is most correct, scientists follow a process called the Scientific Method.

The Scientific Method is a series of steps that helps scientists identify a question, think of a possible answer (the hypothesis) and then use experiments to test the hypothesis to see if it is true.

The important thing to remember is that all scientists will often try many experiments until they can be sure a hypothesis is true or not true. Once a conclusion is made, scientists report their results in either a written report or visually on a display board.

Archibald Ant - Archibald's Adventure

Archibald Ant is a very fussy odorous house ant who must find food for his colony and stay out of harm's way. Help Archibald complete his mission to locate and plunder the legendary sugar bowl on the far-off kitchen counter. And he needs, help, too, because he would much rather stay outdoors and avoid the unknown dangers indoors.

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Name that Pest

Maybe you've seen an animal or insect in or around your home. Maybe you've even caught it. Is it a pest? (No, your little brother doesn't count!) Answer a few simple questions to see if your critter is one of the common household pests that might threaten your health or damage stuff in your house

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Pest Commander Pete

Pest Commander Pete needs your help! Join the elite Pest Rangers and search out pest problems in a typical home. Using special super hero gear to see through solid walls and spot the invisible, can you outwit the insects and rodents who have made your house into their home?

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Origami Butterfly - Click to Download
NPMA Coloring Book - Click to Download
EHS Pest Education Starts Today!

Good Bug, Bad Bug

This engaging presentation teaches kids the amazing ability that insects have to adapt and survive around our home and what it means to be a real pest around your home. This program is as entertaining as show and tell gets, plus it also fits great into any science lesson plans.

Click Here to have G-Dubya the EHS entomologist do a FREE fun, entertaining, and educational “Good Bug – Bad Bug” presentation on insects at your school.

** Disclaimer: Presentations are limited to EHS service area only and must be coordinated at least 30 days in advance. Class sizes should be limited to optimize the learning experience. Presentation is up to 1hr in length, if additional time or classes are needed then charges may apply.  

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