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The House Mouse - Mus musculus

Remarkably, the House Mouse is not an indigenous species to North America but is believed to have “hitchhiked” its way here from somewhere around the Caspian Sea in Central Asia. It has since become the most economically important of all the commensal rodents, with annual costs associated with professional and homeowner pest management programs totaling 223.7 million dollars in the U.S. alone! This adaptable mammal is labeled “The second most successful mammal on the planet” Human’s being number one.

Procedure - Due to their abundant numbers, prolific breeding cycle, and ability for young House Mice to pass through the smallest of gaps and cracks (1/4 of an inch!), mouse infestations are a very common issue for homeowners.

At EHS we take a unique approach to solving a mouse infestation. We don’t offer cookie cutter service but instead custom design each program based on your needs. We offer a variety of techniques that many others do not. For example, all of our mouse programs include a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home. Potential entry points and openings will be sealed with any variety of materials; Stainless Steel, Copper mesh and expandable foam being the most common. This will physically stop new mice from entering and infesting your home or business. We also offer complete interior and exterior non-chemical and baiting programs. Give us a call to be outfitted with your own custom rodent program!

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