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Moles (Talpidae)

Many people never see a mole and that is a good thing as they are funky-ugly little things that are subterranean (below ground). You certainly see the damage moles cause though! They can devastate a lawn in a short period of time.

There are six species of moles in the U.S., and three of these may occur in your yard (Eastern Mole, Hairy-tailed Mole, and Star-nosed Mole). Moles are about the size of chipmunks, 6-8” in length, and can weigh 3-6oz. Moles typically have one litter of 2-6 young (litters in April-May) but survival is based upon the health of the female. They actually do not survive well in the wild with over 50% of the offspring dying.

Moles are insectivores (eats insects) and they may actually be beneficial by limiting some insect outbreaks. The damage from moles is usually in the form of tunnels and/or mounds in lawn that can be unsightly and disturb root systems.

Moles mostly feed on earthworms. While they do eat grubs, it’s an old wives tale that grubs are the reason that moles are in a lawn. Therefore using grub control products as a method of controlling moles will not be effective. Even in grub free lawns, moles continue to survive, because the majority of their diet consists of the ever-present earthworm. There are plenty of old wives tales, internet rumors, friend advice, etc. about getting rid of moles on your property. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy into them. The ONLY three methods of effectively controlling moles are:

  1. EHS uses a toxicant bait that they are attracted to.
  2. EHS physically remove them by trapping.
  3. Physical exclusion using GeoMesh X-Cluder and habitat modification.

EHS is a PAC (Problem Animal Control) firm providing expert trapping and structural exclusion using stainless steel X-Cluder GeoMesh and other materials. Call 888.PEST.MGMT or email so EHS can tailor a program to fit your needs and protect your home or business.

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