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Rat Control, Boston MA, RI - Rat  & Rodent Removal and Extermination

Norway Rats - Rattus norvegicus

Rats Like the house mouse, the Norway Rat was introduced to North America slowly over centuries as it made its way from its origin in Central Asia and China. Norway rats are found on every continent (except Antarctica) and are one of the most successful populations of mammals on the planet.  It makes sense, then, that problems with rats are seen both in densely populated city areas as well very sparsely inhabited towns.

Although rats are incredible survivors, with the right knowledge and skill, rat elimination in a structure is achievable. After locating the source of the problem (sewer leak, structural flaws, etc), the cornerstone to our approach to ridding a structure of rats is exclusion.

EHS uses cement and/or ¼ inch stainless steel hardware cloth to ensure rats can no longer gain access into structure. We offer various solutions depending on each situation, from exterior control programs to interior trapping only.

EHS will also educate you with knowledge you need on how natural food and harborage sources can be eliminated to make your home or business naturally less likely to be infested in the future!

Rattiest Tree in America - Boston, MA

Boston has the proud distinction to own the rattiest tree in America according to Rodentologist, Dr. Bobby Corrigan.

This grand old tree has likely housed many thousands of rodent families for more than a century.

Boston's Rattiest Tree Rattiest Tree
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