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When summer is in full bloom, expect pest activity to increase as well. Here are five reasons why pests love summer season like you do.

  • Temperature - The rise of temperature has an impact to the behavior and development of many pests such as mosquitoes, ants, termites, spiders and cockroaches. But they also tend to hide and seek shelter when the temperature hits extreme. Just like humans, they have a favorable climate wherein they can actively move and look for food until a critical temperature level hits and compels them to look for a cooler environment.
  • Moisture - Most pests thrive in moist areas. This is why summer is a favorable weather condition because of frequent rain showers and increased humidity levels that occur during this season.
  • Food Sources - Grass and vegetation is no doubt abundant during summer. With ample food source, pests tend to swarm the spot until grubs run out and they start looking for other source.
  • Life Cycle - Many pests are cold-blooded and they tend to increase activity during a certain stages of their life cycle when the climate is warmer.
  • Daylight - With more hours of sunlight and shorter nights, this provide more time for many pests to feed.

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