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It was just another day at the office for employees at a New Hampshire town hall on Tuesday until an unusual visitor dropped in from the ceiling to hang out for a spell.

A mouse.

Mary Jo McCullough, the town clerk and tax collector in Newton, New Hampshire, shared a video of the rodent hanging — head first — out of a ceiling tile in the town hall’s drop ceiling.

Shrieks and laughter can be heard as the women in the office urge for a bucket to be placed underneath the dangling mouse.

“It’s coming out!” one woman yells.

The mouse appears to slowly slip through until it is just holding on by its back legs. Then, as if it realized its gone too far, it starts to reach back with its front legs to the hole.

Only to plunge into the waiting waste basket.

“We didn’t know, was it dead? Was it alive? Is it a mouse? Is it a rat? Is it a mole?” McCullough told the New Hampshire Union Leader of when the rodent’s head was first spotted poking out of the tile.

Her deputy, Cheryl Sanders, told the newspaper that at one point she tried banging on the ceiling with a broom to make the mouse fall out, but it didn’t work.

Once the mouse was in the trash can, the bin was taken outside, tipped over, and the mouse scurried out with the encouragement of a broom, according to the Union Leader.

“Never a dull day at Town Hall,” McCullough wrote on Facebook of the incident.

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