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The call came into the EHS office that the customer hears a squeaking and scratching noise mostly in at nighttime. We suspect either mice or possibly squirrels so we set up a free inspection to determine the pest activity if any, and proposal for service if needed.

I get there and inspect the outside of the house then inside and find no evidence of a pest. The customer is insistent that he is hearing the noise and he really heard it just before I got there. He thinks it is coming from the attic.

So I go up in the attic and I find nothing. I tell the customer that I am going to stay quiet for a bit to find out if I can hear the squeaking. It’s July, I am in an attic sitting perfectly still for 15 minutes, the outside temperature reads 92 degrees, this means the attic is at least 120 degrees! After 15 min I am a good 2-3lbs lighter and I tell the customer I can’t see or hear anything so I am coming down. As I close the door to the attic the customer yells that he is hearing it again. I run to where he is and listen.

Is that the sound you hear? “YEP that’s it”, he replies. The sound you are hearing is coming from your VHS player!!! The customer apologized profusely. I suggested he go out and buy a DVD player!

Mike McGoldrick
Service Supervisor
Environmental Health Services, Inc.

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