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We get hit with this question a lot from consumers. I do not want any toxic chemicals around our home is the other popular consumer statement. The general public would be AMAZED how little they have to worry about this. The truth is that it really is a non-factor!

Pesticides are designed to affect insects not adults, children, pets, & the environment. They are applied by label directions (the law!) by licensed & highly trainined professional applicators. Truth is that 98.3% of all the pesticide incidents in the U.S. occur from misapplications by homeowners & unlicensed applicators.

Want some more proof? Fipronil, a popular industry insecticide used by professionals is applied at 163 times the rate on your pets for flea/tick protection than we are permitted to use around your home.

Want even more proof? The U.S. EPA will not register a pesticide for professional use until it passes the 1,000x safety margin. What this means is the product we use at label directions would need to be used 1,000 times the strength before it would cause harm to a person.

Many times we use non-chemical methods to control pests around your home & business. Pesticides are just one on the many tools we employ to control pests.  Pests adversely affect our quality of life. In many cases the cause damage and affect our health, some can be life threatening.

Pesticides are a vital tool used to protect the things that matter most in your life.

George E. Williams Jr., A.C.E.
General Manager - Staff Entomologist

Super Service Award 2017