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Newborn Mice Pest Control

(via United Press)
Note: In Britain they call potato chips “crisps”

Retail giant Tesco has apologized to a customer who claimed she found newborn mice in a multi-pack of crisps.

Liz Wray said she was shocked to see half a dozen pink mice emerge from multi-packs of crisps at a new Tesco store in Aston, Birmingham.

The mother of one said she was also horrified the store was not shut down straight away, but was still open several hours later as pest control staff arrived.

Tesco apologized for the "upsetting" discovery and said it was confident the incident was isolated.

A spokesman said: "This was clearly an upsetting discovery for our customer, for which we are very sorry.

"Pest control experts have been in the store over the weekend checking it from top to bottom and we're confident this was an isolated incident.

"The cleanliness of our stores is a priority for all our staff."

Ms Wray told the Birmingham Mail she was with a work colleague when they made the discovery.

"Suddenly these tiny pink things appeared from the multi-packs and were lying in front of us," she told the paper.

"They were repulsive and made me feel revolting. There were half a dozen of them crawling out of different holes in the crisps and we couldn't believe our eyes."

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