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The customer gets an occasional bat inside the home. They have no attic though? Then they moved a vent pipe in the upstairs bathroom and this black debris fell out and it looked like mouse poop? I obviously told them that this is bat guano and there was a considerable amount. Then I showed them the stains in their soffets around the perimeter of their house. They never thought those stains were from bats, they thought it was rust or from the wood.

Based on the picture you can tell there is a considerable amount of guano inside the soffet. The bats were getting inside the soffet through the rake board siding which did not form a tight seal with the soffet. This very small and inconspicuous void was all the bats needed to use the soffet as their little cave.

EHS sealed all the roof line voids and installed one-way doors (bat cones) to allow the bats to humanely exit the soffet. We returned one week later to remove the one-way doors and complete the exclusion. Another successful EHS bat job and a very thankful customer!

Justin McDavid
Wildlife Specialist
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