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As the days become much colder, it is safe to say that winter is now here. Most of us think that these temperatures will . kill most insects and cause most animals to hibernate. However, a bedbug infestation does not diminish regardless of the season or temperatures.

As a matter a fact, bed bugs can remain active in the colder months as long as there is a food source. Normally, these pesky insects stay in a warm indoor space, such as furniture and beds and mattresses. This means they are not affected by frigid temperatures. In fact, bed bugs can endure below freezing temperatures.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you suspect a bedbug infestation in your home, hire a pest expert. Attempting to do it yourself will be time-consuming, inefficient, and often more expensive than hiring a professional. Pest experts in MA and RI will perform a meticulous inspection of your home and are quicker at spotting habitats and evidence. A series of treatments will be done to prevent the infestation from recurring.

How to Keep Them Away

Like any infestation issues, prevention is better than a cure. If you've never had a bedbug issue at home before, you want to keep it that way. They are commonly contracted from hotel and motel stays. It is good practice to keep your luggage in the tiled bathroom or even in the tub when not in use. When you return home, was your clothes from the trip right away. Always inspect your luggage to make sure no hitchhikers have latched on.

For more information on preventing or eliminating bedbug infestations, contact EHS Pest.

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