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Bedbug Treatment Preparation
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Clutter = failure! That is rule #1 with bedbugs. EHS goes to great length to provide preparation sheets and even a bedbug preparation video so we can perform the most successful treatment possible. This picture shows you a unit that is “prepared” for treatment. Needless to say we could not do anything in this apartment because of all the clutter. Just look at the picture. If we were to treat how exactly could we? There is no possible way to successfully treat. In this picture alone there are a billion nooks for bedbugs to hide.

What amazed me was that the person was insistent that she prepared??? Once I explained to her that it was not prepared she defended herself by stating “where am I going to put all my stuff?”

I know that can be an issue & that has to be considered & dealt with but BEFORE the treatment date. I explained to her that eliminating bedbugs takes a team approach.

Not preparing for treatment delays the entire control process and can make matters worse by allowing bedbugs to spread.

Frank Diaz
Service Specialist

Pest Control, RI, Pest Control, MA

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