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Bedbugs Vs Do It Yourself Pest Control
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You think treating your own bedbug infestation is a smart thing to do? Surprisingly a number of people do! I sort of understand why they are doing it, to get some sort of relief from the bites. What people do not realize is that it will make the problem worse by chasing/spreading the bedbugs into other areas. The over the counter pesticides are repellents and they push or repel bedbugs.

The attached photo shows an epically infested mattress and just beside the bed in the trash can were two empty aerosol cans of insecticide. Do you think it worked? There were thousands upon thousands of bedbugs & eggs on the mattress + box spring. Note all the blood stains (black marks).

Needless to say, do not try this at home! Leave bedbug control up to the experts like EHS.

Bruce Lopes Jr.
Service Manager

Super Service Award 2017