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Routine school fire drill goes very wrong was the news feed healines. It was well covered by the media including various TV stations. Middle school students exited a school door by way of a handicap accessible ramp & aggitated a yellow jacket nest underneath the ramp. Over 30 children & teachers were stung. Many were stung multiple times and one teacher was stung over 12 times. At least three students/teacher were admitted to the hospital.

This makes you realize the serious health impacts pests can have on our lives. Allergic reactions from stinging insects can prove deadly (anaphalactic shock). Pests are no different than humans or any mammal for that matter, when provoked they defend themselves & protect their colony/nest (AKA family). In the case of Yellow Jackets they sting + release an aggression pheromone that tells other nest mates to sting anything in the area. That is why they continue chasing you when you swat at them.
That is why something so simple as trying "do it yourself pest control" can not only be costly but life threatening.
George E. Williams Jr., A.C.E.
General Manager - Staff Entomologist
Environmental Health Services, Inc.

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