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There are emergency calls and there are EMERGENCY calls of the 911 variety! This one was certainly a doozy! Our client called us to say that their swarm of bees. They connected the rail cars and this jolt ticked off the bees then when an employed whacked the hive with a stick he sent the bees into total attack mode! When this happens they release an aggression pheromone that tells all bees in the hive to attack anything in the area. This is how people are killed from bee stings.

This situation shut down the rail car with an estimated $12 million dollars in freight for ½ a day. The delays affected the company and their clients operations costing probably another several million dollars! The picture was taken from the safety of my truck. Once the hive began to calm down we used a bee keep to safely remove the hive and queen and relocate them. Since the threat to human safety was removed EHS decided to humanely remove the honey bees as they are beneficial insects to our ecosystem.

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