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Dry Ice Technique To Combat Rats

25 Apr 2019

Posted by John D. Stellberger

EHS Pest, MA, RI

Dry Ice is now the latest weapon against rat infestation problem we have across New England. Killing these pesky rodents through suffocation of gaseous carbon dioxide shows impressive effectiveness than other traditional extermination method. Apart from that, it is safe to use as it pose no risk to other wildlife.

This rat extermination technique is done by filling rat burrows with dry ice pellets. As dry ice evaporates it kills the rats inside their nest. The treatment works within minutes but there are instances when some rats escape. Thus, an area must be treated a couple of times. But this treatment still looks more viable than using poison as far as safety is concern.

Also, the idea of trapping and suffocating rats in their own nest underground is a clever move since there's no need of removing dead rat bodies as it decomposes and eventually become part of the soil.

For more information about dry ice for rats, contact EHS Pest.

Moles are Not Voles and Repellents Don't Work

16 Apr 2019

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Mole control

  • I do not charge a trap setting fee, a visit fee or a mileage fee
  • I offer you competitive rates, without fuss.
  • I use traditional methods to catch moles
  • I can, and will deal with, moles in all situations and environments.

What NOT to do – Myths about moles explained

Many people believe that moles do not like vibrations and try to scare the moles away by putting windmills, or canes with bottles on them in the ground. As you can see from the first two photographs that I have taken in customer’s gardens, these do not work.

EHS Pest - Mole Control, MA, RI

The third picture shows an ‘Electronic Mole Repellent’. I see many of these devices when I visit gardens. When people get a mole in their garden, they search the internet and find companies that sell these objects. They work on the same principle of vibrations in the ground. In actual fact they attract the worms and so attract the moles as you can see from this picture.

Some people become so exasperated with the mole digging up their garden, they try to stab or impale it with garden forks as pictured below. Firstly I would not advise against this as it is illegal to kill a mole in this way and secondly, you will waste a huge amount of time and energy in using this method.

EHS Pest - Mole Control, MA, RI

Amongst gardeners, another myth is that moles do not like the plant Euphorbia. As you can see from this garden, there is lots of Euphorbia and moles, which clearly means that it is not true.

I was called to a garden recently who had had their garden landscaped at great expense and had ‘Mole Netting’ installed beneath the grass. This product claims to prevent moles from coming into your garden, but as you can see from the pictures, this also does not work.

For more information about mole control, contact EHS Pest.


Early Season Wasps

16 Apr 2019

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Our Native Brown Wasps often show up inside this time of year. Not to worry, that are rather gentle.

Often clients call panicking over a few buzzing around, looking scary, feet dangling. Let them outside, they are pollinators.

Consider having EHS keep them out next year. We can exclude and prevent them rather easily.

Live and let live!

Dry Ice For Rat Infestation

15 Apr 2019

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Why do we utilize @TRexTrap #ratice for burrowing #rat infestations?

96% Effective Eliminates #ectoparisites Protects #raptors from fatal #toxins Protects #publicheath human health pet health Protects #environmental health Protects #groundwater Its #green and its #humane!

Contact EHS Pest to learn more.

Electronic Rodent Monitoring for Rats and Mice

11 Apr 2019

Posted by John D. Stellberger

Smart doorbells, thermostats are becoming increasingly common in our homes and businesses.

This technology is available for rodent monitoring.

EHS Pest - Rodent Monitoring Device MA, RI

EHS has been utilizing this intelligent technology for several years and we are experts in this field. Imagine having 24/7/365 monitoring that alerts us to rodent invasion so we can react immediately and to prevent rodent infestation.

Contact John Stellberger at EHS for additional information.

Fend Off Pests Through Routine Spring Cleaning - MA, RI

01 Apr 2019

Posted by John D. Stellberger


Spring cleaning is an American pastime. But it is not simply about eliminating dirt, dust, and clutter. It’s also about establishing a barrier between you and the hordes of pests that seek to infiltrate your home once the weather turns warm. Here’s some tips to help you win the battle against bugs.

Eliminate Nesting Spots: A cluttered basement is a favorite nesting ground for many bugs such as rodents. De-cluttering and organizing your belongings with the use of shelves and cabinets can eliminate pest hiding spots. Meanwhile, remove possible vegetation around your property by tidying up your yard.

Eradicate Food Source: Food containers that are left uncovered could easily attract bugs like ants. Make sure to organize your pantry and use containers with tight lids.

Remove Free Water: If your bugs happen to leave you some “Benjamins” (AKA hundred dollar bills) at open water sources around your home, then maybe consider leaving them out. If your bugs tend to not pay you for water, then get rid of standing water on your property. Leaking pipes are a common water source for pests. Also, spaces where moisture accumulates (low spots in your crawl space for example) should be addressed as well. Flip over containers that can hold water for mosquitoes and other pests to use.

Seal Entry Points: Thoroughly check your homes for any openings that could possibly serve as portal of entry for pesky pests. Use caulk to seal up these entries. Check door and window screens for holes or gaps.

Spring cleaning will reduce the risk of pest infestation if you do it smartly. If you need more help to prevent pests from taking over your home, contact EHS Pest today.

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