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Carpenter Ants Invade Location = Framingham, MA

Carpenter ants are the most common ant found in New England homes, it is also the largest ant species encountered in the same region. What you probably do not know about carpenter ants will certainly shock + amaze you.

  • Carpenter ants forage in excess of 100ft which means that your pest problem could be coming from your neighbors property! You see ants do not know nor care about property lines.
  • Carpenter ants colonies grow slowly in the 1st 2yrs then ramp up egg production very quickly after that. If you see swarming carpenter ants this means you have a mature colony, at least 4-5yrs old.
  • Originally it was believed that there were just 2-3 colonies in/around your home. Science has now found that there can be as many as 15+ colonies!
  • Colony size? Brood nests (main) can have in excess of 10,000 ants and some studies found over 50,000 while satellite nests contained 500-10,000 ants. If you multiply the number of ants + number of colonies you are talking about tremendous ant pressure!
  • Carpenter ants have the ability to survive cold New England winters because of the formic acid (i.e. anti-freeze) inside them. In fact if they were to bite you they could cause a sting reaction due to this formic acid.
Too often homeowners try to do it themselves only to fail. How can you be expected to locate + effectively treat 15+ ant colonies??? Doing your own pest control is like doing your own dentistry…… it will be messy and cause you a lot of pain!

George E. Williams Jr., A.C.E.
General Manager - Staff Entomologist

Super Service Award 2017