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Nothing like scoring a direct hit! This customer’s house was absolutely inundated with carpenter ants. I found the area that was suspect as being one of the major colonies on the property. This one was in the sun room addition, there were a few other nests both inside and out. The second I did a direct void treatment to the area the sound of the ants freaking out plus movement caused the wall to vibrate! Thousands of ants started spilling out. The customer was planning on replacing the window in this room because of the moisture leak so she gave me permission to remove the sheetrock. I wanted to be sure I got all the ants.

What you see is a massive void nest in the wall. There was extensive carpenter ant damage. Notice all the dead ants and sawdust (called frass) in the area? The customer was thrilled with our attention to details. Looks like another win for the good guys.

Paul Simmons
Service Specialist
Environmental Health Services, Inc.

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