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Customer Service - EHS Goes The Extra Mile

Our job is to inspect and uncover all kinds of pest activity and/or evidence. Our specialists are trained to see what others overlook. Time and time again our specialists point out things around our customer’s homes and businesses that have nothing to do with pests. It does however have everything to do with great customer service. WHY do we do this? Simply put, we care!

I got a call from a customer who raved about what our service specialist Ryan Metterville did for them. Ryan took a picture of the a leaking water heater and showed the customer. Because of Ryan they called the plumber who fixed the problem the next day.

The plumber said that the boiler was about to go and on its last leg. He add that with temperatures in the teens they potentially avoided a disaster of the water heater going and their pipes freezing. This could have cost the customer thousands of dollars in repairs.

Too many service companies have “robots” doing work in the field. Basically just going through the motions and doing their job with not a care in mind. At EHS we feel that doing our job IS letting the customer know about any kind of issues they may have, pest or not.

Susan Paradice
Office Manager

Pest Control, MA ,  Pest Control, RI

Super Service Award 2017