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Pizzeria Cosed for Renovations has Reopened with a Bang, after “Do it Yourself” Pest Control Products Set by the Restaurant's Owner Exploded and Blew the Doors Off.

The owner of Mercadante Woodfired Pizzeria on Lygon Street, in the inner city suburb of Carlton, had set 10 fumigation cans in the restaurant and the vapours were ignited accidentally, causing an explosion at 10am (AEDT) on Friday.

The pressure of the explosion forced the front glass doors and back roller door of the restaurant out, said Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) commander Darren McQuade.

"The pressure rapidly expanded and has just forced out either end," Mr McQuade said.

The owner, who was in the restaurant setting more fumigation cans at the time of the explosion, was shaken but unhurt, he said.

The restaurant had been closed for renovations over the Christmas period.

No damage was done to the interior of the building, but the damage to the front and rear doors was worth about $50,000, Mr McQuade said.

He said it was lucky no passers-by had been hurt.

"One part of the window was one-and-a-half metres on to the footpath, so that would certainly have had the potential to push someone over had they been walking past at the time," he said.

Mr McQuade said there had been an increasing trend of explosions being caused by the incorrect use of fumigation cans.

He said the owner had not followed the instructions on the can, which indicate that ignition sources must be switched off.

Firefighters are investigating which appliance caused the explosion.

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