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Lowest Responsible Bidder” is often how state, city, & town bids go out in efforts to find a new vendor for a particular contract for services. Pest control is no different than bids for plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. The system is fine for commodities BUT NOT FOR service companies. Why? Choosing the lowest price with service means you get what you paid for & that is not much of anything! Below is a scary & disturbing news story about the ramifications of this process. A company named “Joe’s Extermination Company” does not exactly seem cutting edge! Worse yet is $100,000 to treat a few classrooms??? It is obvious this firm was bilking the system!

EHS is a Quality Pro school certified company and we take sensitive environments like schools very seriously. A situation such as this would never have happened with EHS!

Bed Bug Chemicals Improperly Applied at NYC Elementary School

Source: NY Daily News

They may not be as deadly as DDT was found to be before it was banned by the U.S. in the 1970s, but the professional pest control products currently being used to kill bed bugs in New York and New Jersey are potent enough to be hazardous when improperly applied. A New York City elementary school is paying the price for the negligence of a pest control firm that multiple news reports say is listed on its website as Joe’s Extermination Company. The NYC Board of Education paid the private contractor not quite $100,000 to treat a bed bug infestation at P.S. 197 in Midwood in Brooklyn. To the shock of school officials, teachers and students’ parents, the exterminator left behind a nasty mess that could cost the school district more than a quarter of a million dollars to clean up, more than twice the cost of the original extermination.

Because of the risk posed by the improper application of chemicals, news reporters were not allowed to enter the building; but teachers reported children’s and teachers’ desks covered with a smelly liquid pesticide, books and papers soaked with bed bug killing chemicals, and puddles of insecticide pooling on floors. Teachers were outraged by the exterminator’s lack of regard and concerned not only about the health risk posed by exposure to these chemicals, by also about the cost of replacing soaked textbooks and school supplies.

The NYC Department of Education told reporters it plans to bill the pest control contractor for the clean up and replacement of damaged school materials. Authorities are testing the pest control chemicals used by the exterminator, but it will be two weeks before results are available. Until then, teachers and the parents of the children who attend P.S. 197 are waiting anxiously to find out what chemicals they may have been exposed to and what the repercussions of that exposure might be.

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