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Cool Termite Facts

Did you know that termites cause up to $2 billion in damage per year! Here's more interesting termite facts!

  • Termites are actually present in about 70% parts of the world, and its population outnumbers human beings on a ratio of ten to one.
  • Termite colonies can reach up several millions of termites and most properties have multiple colonies on them.
  • Contrary to popular belief, wood which has been pressure treated is not immune to termite attack; termites will enter pressure-treated wood through cut ends and cracks, and will also build tunnels over the surface.
  • Termites build the largest nests of any insect.
  • Termites can feed off wood as well as off paper and paper products such as books, insulation and parts of swimming pools, including a pool's liner and filtration system.
  • Every termite colony has a social system. The queen and king termites are at the top of the colony, and their roles are to help the colony reproduce.
  • Termite royalty is unique in the insect world because they can live for several decades. Queens can live 50 years under the right conditions.
  • Termites have lived on Earth for approximately 250 million years.
  • In addition to having a queen and king, termite colonies also have soldiers with bulbous heads and big jaws to protect the colony. Worker termites perform other functions such as taking care of the queen and gathering food.

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