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Spring cleaning is an American pastime. But it is not simply about eliminating dirt, dust, and clutter. It’s also about establishing a barrier between you and the hordes of pests that seek to infiltrate your home once the weather turns warm. Here’s some tips to help you win the battle against bugs.

Eliminate Nesting Spots: A cluttered basement is a favorite nesting ground for many bugs such as rodents. De-cluttering and organizing your belongings with the use of shelves and cabinets can eliminate pest hiding spots. Meanwhile, remove possible vegetation around your property by tidying up your yard.

Eradicate Food Source: Food containers that are left uncovered could easily attract bugs like ants. Make sure to organize your pantry and use containers with tight lids.

Remove Free Water: If your bugs happen to leave you some “Benjamins” (AKA hundred dollar bills) at open water sources around your home, then maybe consider leaving them out. If your bugs tend to not pay you for water, then get rid of standing water on your property. Leaking pipes are a common water source for pests. Also, spaces where moisture accumulates (low spots in your crawl space for example) should be addressed as well. Flip over containers that can hold water for mosquitoes and other pests to use.

Seal Entry Points: Thoroughly check your homes for any openings that could possibly serve as portal of entry for pesky pests. Use caulk to seal up these entries. Check door and window screens for holes or gaps.

Spring cleaning will reduce the risk of pest infestation if you do it smartly. If you need more help to prevent pests from taking over your home, contact EHS Pest today.

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