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  • The world's largest roach (in South America) is six inches long with a one-foot wingspan.
  • Crushed cockroaches can be applied to a stinging wound to help relieve the pain.
  • There are estimated to be 4,000 - 5,000 species of cockroaches in the world. Of these, only 25 to 30 are considered pests.
  • All U.S. pest roaches, like most American humans--were immigrants.
  • Cockroaches bleed white blood.
  • Roaches use their feelers (antenna) as noses.
  • Cockroaches have six hairy legs. The tiny hairs found on each leg give them their sense of touch.
  • Roaches have faster reflexes than humans.
  • It's hard to sneak up on a roach. They have one great big nerve connecting their tails to their heads, alerting them to danger from behind.

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