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The good news…..warm weather is on the way! Hang in there. The bad news, that warm weather springs a litany of annoying pests back into action. Preventing bugs from intruding your home and your outdoor living space require proactive pest control measures. If your self-help pest control efforts of the past failed to do the trick, consider the tested, proven, and entirely affordable pest control services of EHS Pest serving MA, RI.

Here are three most common pest complaints that we get from homeowners just like you:

Ants - They don’t completely go dormant during winter months. They hide in structures, under rocks or indoors to stay warm.

Termites - They are more active and visible when the temperature starts to rise. When you notice thin mud tubes that emerge from the ground and extends to your home's foundation, that is a sure sign of termite infestation right there.

Cockroaches and Bedbugs - Although these gross pests are present all year round, they are more prevalent when weather is good and warm.

It is important to be proactive when dealing with these pesky intruders. Proper pest management must be implemented and systematically managed year round. Most often it takes a pro to get this done. The tasks includes meticulous inspection of your property to determine the extent of the infestation. Different pests require different treatments. The safety of your family, pets, and the environment all deserve focused attention. The critical nature of these three things should give you pause to talk to us for your free pest control consult.

While on the subject of fortifying the ramparts in anticipation for the forthcoming bug invasion, make sure to repair all broken screens and windows. Distance garbage cans from the home. Keep your compactor room or trash chute clean at all times. To keep out ants, cover entry points and install door sweeps. And the list of best practices goes on from there.

Let us discuss things with you personally. Contact EHS Pest to learn more about pest threats during Springtime.

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