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Forward Thinking Pest Control

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Forward Thinking Pest Control

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It doesn't take much more than great team members, training and a revolutionary idea to change the pest management industry.

Becoming a great company is all about its people. Caring people. Intelligent people. People with heart and desire that want to do the right thing everyday.

Some of us don't usually think it's important that great companies have funny people and a sense of humor, but maybe that should change.

EHS has a monthly contest and ask everyone for ideas for a funny scenario that features an animal that you may encounter that you don't consider comical. We try and poke fun at humans.

EHS Pest Rats Bait Station

Paul Tomasello wins January 2017!

EHS Paul Tomasello wins January 2017 Comical Contest

Even our clients are chiming in! A great client that oversees several beautiful, LEED Platinum buildings learned of our effort and submitted what looks to be a future winner. We will of course donate his prize to a charity of his choosing.

We are looking for more great people to join our rapidly growing company. Contact EHS Pest if you have what it takes to change our industry.

That's no joke.

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