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They are out there & have been circulating around for decades. It seems as though the internet has added some new life and staying power to them. Hopefully this blog will refute them a little bit!

Mice eat the poison & go outside in search of water:
Very false! When a mouse eats a rodenticide they die where ever the product affects them, inside or outside. It has nothing to do with water.

A rat as big as a cat:
False! The largest recorded rat (common norway rat) was .33oz, that is 1oz over 2lbs. Most rats are under 22oz on average. Since most cats are 9lbs plus it is biologically impossible for a rat to reach this size. Like a fish tale, it gets bigger the more the story is told.

Rats + mice must gnaw to prevent their teeth from growing into their skull & killing them:
False! Rodent does mean gnaw so I see where this one comes from. Rats + mice gnaw on objects as a behavioral activity (exercise, stimulation, access, etc.) not to file down their teeth. Their teeth may chip in the process but will not grow into their skull.

I am sure there are more legends out their to refute but this is a good start.
PS. Spread the word!

George E. Williams Jr., A.C.E.
General Manager - Staff Entomologist
Environmental Health Services, Inc.

Super Service Award 2017