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Aint’ no mountain high enough….aint’ no mountain high enough……

OK, its not a mountain but its still 30-40ft up. In this case a poor squirrel was probably eating a nut on the chimney then slipped & fell down the chimney. He survived and broke free from the damper panel in the basement. Having fell 30ft down a chimney then opening a door to a new world (the basement of the house) where he completely FREAKED OUT! I really can’t blame the critter.

This was not exactly the feeling by the homeowner who had the squirrel terrorize her family by running around the house for a few days. The family dog did have some excitement though! The squirrel had eventually had enough and left through the open garage door.

The next step for EHS was to get on the roof and measure for a chimney cap installation to prevent any future unwanted wildlife visitors.

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