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Just sitting at my desk doing a 101 things on another day in the crazy world of pest control. It’s time for a little snackeroony so I hit my disturbing addicting bowl of pistachio nuts so I can get by until lunch. Me personally, I can never understand why people go for the red dyed pistachio nuts. It takes like 3-4 days to get that red crap off your fingers & lips!

THANKFULLY I took a look before I ate this one nut. There’s a damn maggot in my pistachio nut!!!! It’s not like these things are years old, I just bought them. Needless to say they got tossed in the garbage. It had me thinking about pests and food…….

Did you know that The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) calls insects & rodent hairs "natural contaminants" and they are indeed allowed to be present in your food. Here are the FDA permissible levels but it varies by food groups:

  • Average is 225 or more insect fragments per 225 grams
  • Average is 4.5 or more rodent hairs per 200 grams
  • 5 or more fly eggs per 250 ml
  • 1 or more maggots per 250 ml
  • 1 or more rodent excreta pellets (poop!) per tested sample
An Ohio University study estimates that we eat from one to two pounds of insects each year, and without knowing it.

Hope I made your day! Well, we are what we eat!

Dan Hockey
Service Coordinator

Super Service Award 2017