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Staff at the Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library are taking steps to make certain that a resurgent species of bed bugs doesn’t take up residence among its collection of books and movies – now or in the future.

Decatur County Health Inspector said residential infestations of the dreaded “bed bug,” have become increasingly common around the country as a whole in recent years, leaving locals itching for a way to get rid of the blood-sucking bugs once and for all.

The library staff is taking precautions to make sure some that the unwanted bed bugs never get the opportunity to live near Greensburg’s largest collection of literature.

“We’re not going to be a ‘halfway house’ [for bed bugs],” reiterating that the library is not infested with the bugs; they’re instead trying to make certain such a problem never occurs. To that end, library staff taken steps to swiftly eliminate the problem in the instance an unwitting patron returns a book containing a bed bug or its eggs.

High heat bed bug treatment” that heats to 160 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to toast even the most resilient bed bug and its larvae.

Bed bugs, which at adulthood are roughly the size of an apple seed, can easily fit into the pages of books and even the corners of DVD cases due to their small size and flat bodies. Decatur residents unaware their home has become a bastion for bed bugs may inadvertently carry the tiny hitchhikers into the library, thereby risking infestation.

That’s where the library’s multifaceted bed bug prevention program comes into play.

Library staff has employed the services of a bed bug detection dog whose renowned sniffing skills are capable of snuffing out any potential bed bug hiding place. The dogs are trained to pick up a bed bug’s trail – including its eggs – and will lead exterminators directly to the musty-smelling insects’ location.

“If he [the bed bug detection dog] alerts on anything, we have a process in place to treat whatever it is he alerts on.”

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