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MELROSE, Mass. — One local town is fighting a rat infestation and experts warn other cities in the area could see a rat population explosion.

In Melrose, city officials held a meeting last week to discuss solutions to the problem, and hired a pest company to eradicate burrows found near municipal buildings and a city park. Related Headlines

"It's gross, really gross," resident Brittany Nowell told FOX25. "It's weird, you don't think rats and Melrose. This is a nice town, so I don't understand where they're all coming from."

Experts blame a warm winter, noting the harsh New England weather usually kills off part of the rat population.

"The East Coast - Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York - some of the really old cities are experiencing huge rat problems," said John Stellberger with EHS Pest Services.

Stellberger said his company uses a unique method to kill rats without exposing residents to poison; putting dry ice in their burrows, which he said is the most humane way to exterminate.

City officials are also asking residents to make sure their trash cans and compost areas are secure, and have purchased new, enclosed trash receptacles for the city parks.

Source: FOX25

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