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Boston, MA - Mice, Maggots

I have always said that I should write a book about this industry. I would make 1/2 the book a comedy and the other 1/2 horror stories. I'm not sure that it would be interesting to anyone outside the industry though. I will say that in all my years in this industry I not only learn something new all the time but I also get blown away by the craziness we face.

The call I got was from a property manager who said she needed emergency service because a tenant was infested with maggots on her ceiling & walls. Needless to say maggots (larvae) evoke a pretty emotional reaction for obvious reasons. I explained that until the source is located the maggots will still be there no matter what we do to treat. I said it sounds like something may be dead in the unit or in a wall/ceiling void. She said they are reporting no odors??? She understood the fact that this may be a process but needed us to make an appearance so I sent out Gary, one of our service specialists who was in the area. I told Gary to bring the digital inspection camera scope so he can inspect/see inside voids, walls, ceilings, etc. Gary called me from the apartment & described the maggots and we both agreed they were not fly larva but a stored product pest. Gary found a source inside some expired corn meal in the cabinet but he said it was not that infested. I suggested that it may be a secondary source & to look elsewhere. He probed the property manager for some more information and this led him to inspect the unit below the maggot infested apartment because this tenant had an issue with cleanliness in the past. What did Gary find? The tenant had dozens of pet rats & mice in the apartment! There was spilled "pet" food and the tenant stated that some of the mice had escaped. We determined that the mice were stockpiling food inside the walls/ceiling and this became infested with stored product pests.

See why I never get amazed! I am quite sure that this coming week will somehow give me something that will top this.
George E. Williams Jr., A.C.E.
General Manager - Staff Entomologist

Super Service Award 2017