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Rodents Blamed for Two House Fires

First it was a mouse, now rats are to blame for a fire that destroyed the Bay of Plenty home of a retired police officer.

The Te Puke house fire was one of two believed to have been started by rodents chewing through wires, the Bay of Plenty Times reported.

The other house fire in Southland was caused by an electrical fault in the heat pump, believed to have been caused by a mouse.

In the Bay of Plenty, the fire swept through the kitchen, toilet, and laundry area as Brian Carney, 72, his wife, and daughter slept.

Fire authorities said a closed kitchen door saved their lives and it was believed rats were responsible.

Bay of Plenty fire safety officer Jon Rewi said the cooler nights could see more vermin nesting in homes.

He urged people who are concerned about rats or mice to do something about it as rodents cause many fires.

Source: Associated Press

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