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What the picture shows is pretty disgraceful. It is a bait station that is used to hold rodenticide. It was in a garage at a home and it was a not tamper-resistant bait station, it was a cheap/inexpensive one. Worse yet is it had no company or rodenticide information on the station! By law we must use a tamper resistant bait station in areas where it is accessible to non-target organisms (children and pets). You must also, by law, have contact information on the station plus what material is being used. Unfortunately too many companies in our industry use these stations. Not EHS! No matter what the situation we always use tamper-resistant stations!

What makes this picture even more disturbing is that they had a company come in several times per year to “control” mice. They called us because they still had mice. The stations they put out were completely emptied out by mice. You can see the hundreds of mice fecal droppings, signs that it was very active with mice. The previous company did not have nearly enough stations in place to quell the infestation. I can not understand how companies can operate like this?!

We sealed up all the entry points, installed a few door sweeps, and put a program in place to eliminate the mice. The customer raved about the results after a few weeks! It’s really not that hard, all you need to do is know what you are doing plus care about solving the issue.

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