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No need to tell you how important technology is to our global economy but what does it mean in terms of pest control? Today I performed an inspection on a home that made me realize that you can literally point & click and have any pest delivered right to your home! Today's situation was powder post beetles in an antique cabinet. These poor people purchased it from China and they are lucky it was not some exotic species we know nothing about. What have I seen in my 21yr career from things purchased off the internet?

Dry wood termites in a book case ordered from California. They infested the entire apartment building once brought inside. Cost the management company $75,000 to treat!

Bedbugs in a chest bought off Craigs List. Not to pick on this site but there are a ton of bedbug examples from this site. Good deal on the purchase? Add hundreds-thousands of dollars for pest control treatments.

Black Widow Spiders inside a "fruit of the month" delivery.

Scorpions inside flowers delivered from the florist.

These are just a few examples that I have seen, there are obviously a ton more. Moral of the blog? Be careful what you buy because that great deal may cost you a lot more than you bargained for!

George E. Williams Jr., A.C.E.
General Manager - Staff Entomologist

Super Service Award 2017